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Laser show

Lasers create attention

Today, it is the audience that controls the entertainment industry as today’s visitors share their events and concert experiences through social media. Laser is today the most photographed and commented on special effect.

Live & tours

Most often we deliver a complete solution including laser technicians, to others we have delivered technology where it is the lighting technician who controls the lasers directly from their light table. Laserimage has delivered to tours such as Darin, Röyksopp and Alan Walker.

Laser show to musik

Laserimage designs the laser show to music that captivates the audience according to the customer’s wishes, whether it is a small corporate event or a large municipal event where a laser show will replace a fireworks display.


When lasers are to be used in television broadcasts, it is important that the laser appears in the broadcast. Laserimage can deliver a technical solution that really works, which we have done for e.g. the Eurovision Song Contest and we are recurring suppliers to broadcasts on SVT, YLE, MTV and NRK.


Laserimage has extensive experience from lasers in nightclubs and can offer laser shows for an evening or long-term solutions where you rent or alternatively lease the technology at a low monthly cost.

Concerts & Festivals

Laserimage has the technology to meet the demands of the most demanding productions, which means that year after year we have been able to deliver lasers to the biggest festivals in Europe.